Post Exposure Book

Post Exposure book
Post Exposure book

˝Step-by-step, detail by intricate detail, Ctein takes us from the very beginning of the photographic process, to the most advanced and sophisticated techniques as no other author ever has. Ctein leaves no detail unexplored, from subjects as essential as determining if an enlarging lens is properly centered for optimum performance, to detailed procedures taking the image from exposure to the making of the fine print in both black and white and color.
“No step is neglected, no useful principle is evaded. And most interesting is the myth-exploding observations wherein Ctein wipes away long perpetuated ideas that really have no basis in fact. This is one book that will become the key reference text in just about every darkroom dedicated to quality work. It is truly a masterpiece of technical analysis and instruction that answers every elusive question photographers have long wondered about.˝
Arthur Kramer, author of ˝Kramer’s Korner˝ for Camera 35, ˝View from Kramer˝ in Modern Photography, and ˝Pro View˝ in Popular Photography

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