Toyo View Accessories

Toyo-View lens hoods and focusing hoods

Toyo View pro compendium lens hood VG
Flexible lens hood for all Toyo-View cameras except Toyo-View 23G and Toyo-Field 45A / 45AII. Fully adjustable to keep out from the lens all unwanted light. Easy front and back shift, as well as lift. The lens hood has slots on front and rear for gelatine filter holders. Included with the lens hood are three filter holders, for 75x75mm, 100x100mm and 125x125mm (3×3″, 4×4″ and 5×5″) filters.
A smaller version, the Toyo View Pro Compendium Lens Hood 4F, fits only the Toyo-Field 45A / 45AII and Toyo-View 23G cameras.

Toyo View compendium lens hood (old version)
An older version of the Toyo-View lens hood. Somehow primitive, if compared with the newer version.

Toyo View folding focusing hood
Fits the back of 4×5″ cameras. A great help for a clear vision, blocking out light and eliminating the need of a focusing cloth on many situations. It can be spread outward for loupe focusing and, when folded, is the best protection for the ground glass.

Toyo View Binocular Reflex mirror hood
Binocular reflex viewer for 4×5″ camera backs. With adjustable mirror position. A very useful accessory for outdoor photography and there is no need to remove it from the camera to load sheet film holders. A frame (included with the reflex viewer) fit the camera back and the viewer can be mounted on the frame on both horizontal or vertical position. Check always, when buying it used, that this frame is included.

Toyo-View slider for film holder

Toyo View quick roll slider for Graphic
Sliding adapter to attach a film holder to the camera. The sliding carriage allows to focusing with the film holder attached, making it quick and easy to focus and shoot. Can be used with film holders up to 6x9cm (2½x3½”). Accepts all 6×7 and 6×9 Graflock type rollfilm backs, including Toyo, Mamiya RB67, Horseman, Wista and Graflex brands. On pictures with a Mamiya RB67 back and black masking tape on ground glass, marking the limits of the RB67 back area.

Toyo-View lensboards

Toyo-View 158mm standard lensboard
This one is Copal 3 drilled.

Toyo-View lensboard adapter for Toyo-Field 45A lensboards
158mm square lensboard adapter. For Toyo-Field 110mm lensboards. This one is Copal 0 drilled.

Toyo-View recessed lensboard
158mm square lensboard. This one is Copal 0 drilled.